Jewellery care ◇

Here are some tips to help ensure your jewellery lasts.


💎Jewellery care💎

*Plated jewellery*

All plated jewellery will tarnish and fade eventually and won't last forever due to the rubbing on the skin and the chemical reaction it can have with oxygen and getting wet (which we are not liable or responsible for) however it can last a very long time (years in some cases) if properly cared for. Not caring for it properly is not a fault with the item. Caring for it properly will help it to last longer and ensure you get the maximum wear out of it. 

Some useful tips...

Do not let it come into contact with water. Remove it before doing anything where it could come into contact with water or moisture ie. Washing, swimming, sunbathing, exercising etc.
Avoid it coming into contact with body products such as body lotions, moisturisers, sun cream etc.  Put your jewellery on after applying these things and once your body has absorbed them.
Do not spray on perfumes or body sprays while wearing your jewellery
Avoid sleeping in it. The rubbing on your skin causes it to tarnish 
Avoid just chucking it in your jewellery box with other items where it can rub against them. Store in its own pouch/box when not in use.
If needing to clean your plated jewellery simply use some warm soapy water. Do not use any jewellery cleaners as these contain chemicals which could take the plating off your jewellery or discolour it.

**tarnish: a thin layer of corrosion that forms over some metals as their outer layer undergoes a natural chemical reaction to the elements in the air and water that surround us or to a chemical it comes into contact with. It appears as a dull grey or black film over the jewellery. 

**If an allergic reaction exists stop wearing immediately.